Sunday, January 31, 2010

T33-37/2010: Batmania! Pt 2

Been looking for this set as well since last Tuesday when I got the info from Mr Artt, but they were sold out at TRU KLCC and Great Eastern mall..
I was so frustrated untill I got an SMS from Mr. Artt telling me they just came in at SOGO! (thanks a zillion Mr. Artt!)
As soon as I got that info, told mr. Cowboy and Mr Lood about them and off I go to SOGO!
Lucky, we (me and cowboy) found 2 sets, but not so lucky for Mr. Lood as 1 1966 batmobile has already been sold..
But they are on their way to all TRU soon.. so Mr.Lood just have to keep looking and keep calling them! (we will too)
and of course, if I found 1 I'll definitely get it for my dear friend Mr. Lood :) So don't u worry ok?
Old, New and evreything in between!


  1. I keep looking for the Super Friends one and haven't found it yet.

  2. i'll get u 1 if u want and u get me the ECTO-1! Email me ur mailing address :)