Friday, November 12, 2010

AKIRA Revisited: The Bike

1 of my favourite anime and 1 of the first I've seen that made me fall in love with japanimations, AKIRA, and 1 of my favourite toys, Bandai/Medicom Projects' 1/6 Kaneda's Bike!
I can never get enough of the design of the bike! And at this scale the levels of details are superb, with some openable parts! Check the previous blog entry here!


  1. Hi Saruman ,

    Your bike is cool.The coming movie "TRON LEGACY"'S bike even cooler.

    I'm sure u will collect it soon after it release.

    That a nice bike.


  2. Saruman, this is definitely awesome!!

  3. @ Kin: Definitely!
    @ Desmond: Yup, and thanks!

  4. Mmmg terbaik! Aku sendiri kalu ada duit lebih ingat nak sambor gak motor ni buat kenangan...aku form five kot masa tgk anime ni...