Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gonna spend some time with my family tonight

gonna take my wife and 2 children to watch Toy Story in 3D tonight! I've heard people bragging about how very good this movie is, so I must see it tonight! ;)

Taking-My-Daughter-to-School Haul pt.5

as usual...
T313-314/2010 HW:220


a Nissan Note from TOMICA
the paint job is based on a Japanese TV series
well done by TOMICA!

an openable rear bonnet! that's a plus!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot "Tiny" Wheels

all of them tiny cars are to be filled in there...
there you go! (T309-311/2010 HW:218)

Call 911!

nuff said about this line... let the pics do the talking, enjoy! ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More MJ!

These were actually yesterday's haul but I forgot to post it.. so here it is, a Monster Jam to be filled in my clear acrylic casing of course (2 down, 3 more designs to go)
and a Hyper Mite also to be filled in the casing :) (T307-308/2010 HW: 215)

Taking-My-Daughter-to-School Haul pt.4

no need to explain.. u guys know the drill... TMNT Monster Jam (hey, its TMNT man, I couldn't missed it for the world!).. again to be filled in the small casing...
and a red Carrera 911! (already got yellow if u guys remembered my old post) (T305-306/2010, HW:211)

More Bug entered my House!

got the red Beetle RSI, now found a blue one
again, beautifully casted with superb detailings!
just witness it yourself...
Blue and Red RSI
all in the family! (T304/2010)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday's Catches of the Day!

This 1 to be fitted in the clear casing I bought at Lit Tak!
How can I pass this??? RedLine Edition Beetle!
WWE Edition Ballistic... with that fade Black colour, just can't resist it!
(T298-T303/2010 HW:212, MB:16)

Lit Tak Warehouse Sale Haul!

1st day sale haul: F1 Tomica
Collection stand
to be filled with all those tiny, tiny cars
3rd day sale haul: Toyota set
which includes the new Wish!

40th Anniversary Set
includes Toyota, Honda and Nissan

and another 40th Anniversary set
which includes again Toyata, Honda and Nissan

The Suzuki Pick up set
very very cool this one, includes cardboards to mimic the boxes they carry..

and some more great die-cast from a TV series

and a Rider to concludes the haul!
and all of them with very very very low price tags! (the's the best part!)