Saturday, February 27, 2010

The bats unleashed!

Opening the various batmobiles from its packaging and being able to touch them feels sooooooo goooood!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Beasts Unleashed!

I have "unleashed" 2 of my Speed machines and they look awesome outside it's "cage" and into a proper casing, love them!

Monday, February 22, 2010

T65-66/2010: Bugatti Veyron & Ford GTX1 (HW:45)

These 2 Speed Machines are another 2 that's worth buying, the Veyron is a new cast, and the Ford GTX1 which last came out 1n 2008, with the new variant colour is a must!

T64/2010: Batmania Pt.5 - Temblor Getaway! (HW:43)

Still in the 'bat' mood, got 1 of these for a very cheap price! (I guess TRU are clearing these old Batman Vehicles out!) Yes HW are using their old casts for the vehicles.. but for RM12.90, and batman prints on it, it's worth it.. You not just getting 2 vehicles, but a batman figure as well! Good Deal!

T63/2010: Batmania Pt.4:The Riddler Rampage! (HW:42)

I was out and my wife told me that my son wanted my DX! Worried that my son will ruin my DX, I quickly went to buy this Batman for him!
yes it's not 1/6 figure, it's 1/63, but I told him: "This big Batman is for a big guy like me, and this small Batman is for a small guy like you.. and you got extra 2 vehicles!"

He was so happy with them..
he even went to sleep with them..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

T62/2010: Batmania Pt.3: The Big Black Bad Bat is here....

Layer 1: Finally, the wait is over!
Layer 2: 6 months of waiting seemed worth every seconds.
Layer 3: I'm overly excited yesterday, and certainly not dissappointed.
Layer 4: The Big Black Bad Bat is finally here!
Layer 5: with some very cool gadgets.
Layer 6: that is one fierce looking bat!
Layer 7: from any angle you see it.
Layer 8: this new suit really reminds me of Solid Snake's Camo suit.
Layer 9: with superb detailings.
Layer 10: see what I'm talking about?
Layer 11: there goes my CRZ fund!

Layer 12: Hot Toys, please make Solid Snake in Camo Suit, pretty please!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

T61/2010: RPMs - Optimus Prime

There are only 5 in the series that are die-casts, all the others are plastics...

and in my opinion, optimus is the best looking among them, so I get it.. wanted to buy bumblebee as well, but as as it is not the same scale with optimus... I pass!

Holiday Outing: Sungai Congkak (Congkak River)

Since it's CNY holiday, and the heatwave in Malaysia, we decided to go to a cooler place..
The Sungai Congkak with a very cool water is very refreshing! (my son with his niece)
My daughter (with the peace sign) and her nieces..
My youngest daughter with her mom (my lovely wife)

Nice cool environment under the shades of the tree is an ideal place to fall asleep...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Speed Machines!

The only 4 Speed machines that attract me so far.. I don't know why but I have been very picky about this line of Hot Wheels... maybe because I felt that I've been cheated by the pricing.. they are making money out of the same casts! (ridiculous price!)

T57-T60: Supermodels! (HW:41)

They are beauties!

T56/2010: Hikaru Ichijo

been wanting this for quite some time... and when the price drop, it's the best time to get it!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Avatar's AMP Suit and Col. Miles Quaritch part 2

And with the figure in...

it looks even deadlier!