Tuesday, November 16, 2010



with the help of my little beast, browny!
the package
this figure is based on the second movie of the Evangelion, EVANGELION 2.0 which was screened here in Malaysia on March 2010
this revamp version of the series (which I have in VHS version) Neon Genesis Evangelion is a total makeover from the original with the introduction of new characters, but maintaining the juice of the story. I'm now very much looking forward for EVANGELION 3.0 next year!
the content
the instruction sheet
extra hands and tongue
some building blocks
inserting the plugs at the back of the unit

the final look, awesome!
(now I can hear the soundtrack and crickets inside my mind..)
The unit-02 gone berserk!
with Asuka Langley trapped in the entry plug, loose control of the unit!
enjoy the rest of the pics!

the BEAST joins the rest of the team!
new unit introduced in EVA 2.0