Friday, October 1, 2010

Brutal Bruticus Maximus

Presenting: TF Bruticus Maximus! This is the first look of the bruticus
and this is the latest look with the upgrade kit from Fans Project, the result is awesome! (drool)
Warning: This TF does not belong to me! (I wish it is... *sigh*)
It belongs to Mr. Din from my office. (envy him)
It's a must have for all TF collector, and Din is 1 of the biggest collector of TF line.
"I collect whatever that can transform! if they can't transform, I wouldn't buy it". That was his actual words to me, the words of true TF die-hard-fan!.
if you don't believe me, check out his room, but you have to look very hard though.. coz all the TFs are hiding everywhere! (to avoid any children to found them, and children being hurt by them! :D)
behold your breath people
even to a non-die-hard TF collector like me knows that this TF is 1 of the best if not the best being made!
enjoy the pics!
and to Din, happy playing with ur Bruticus!
check out them gun and blade!
complexly awesome!
congrats Din and thank you for letting me using the pics for my post! ;)


  1. Ever since the two fansproject (which is xpensive!) came out, bruticus is hard to find & it must cost a bomb.

  2. The Fans Project makes the original Bruticus looks like a wussy.

  3. Hi Saruman,

    Although i didn't collect robot type figure but it very similiar to Transformer.
    This gigantic robot is a combination of a few different type of others robot.Right ?
    Because i saw jet aircraft , truck ,tank, car & others as well.
    But it is very nice to keep & for display.



  4. i myself was very proud to have this Bruticus Maximus! One of the best collection i've ever had & worth crying for!

    Thanx to my buddy Saruman for introducing me places to add more for my collection..

    Thanx again for making my Bruticus famous!

  5. Din: u r most welcome! Toys are for sharing! (at least we can share it in this medium):)

  6. How nostalgic. hope superion is still around to defeat his arch nemesis :)
    I mainly collect movie car diecast, but may collect a few TFs from now on. Wil start with the RPMs :)