Friday, October 30, 2009

Latest HW haul!

Shelby GT-500
got the black 1, now i got the silver 1
Got the yellow and now 2 blue 1s.. (satu boleh bukak.. eheh)
this 1 i like a lot, a Firetruck!
and there's something about police cars... but I wonder what is it???

Star Wars: Episode IV Commemorative Tin Collection

Yup, this Modal Nodes Cantina Band had the lowest selling when it comes out with the new digititally remastered version of episode 4, hey, i wouldn't but it with the price tag it has... but as Jusco are clearing their stocks, the sent this item and a few other items to a second hand shop, and luckily i was there to pick it up with a very very reasonable price.. as a Star Wars fan, i couldn't leave it on the shelf! :)
Nice Tin Storage for the band.. very very Star Warsy the design on the Tin..

An Exclusive Edition...
and support from the offical SW Fan Club :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


this HOT rod is very COOL!
so dose this custom MacGyver Jeep

and the new yellow Porsche Carrerra! (lovely)

Monday, October 26, 2009

HW Tumbler

A friend bought this for me and buy 1 for his own! Thanks bro! (awesome!)

Corvette Grand Sport

Got this at 7-11 Ampang on a trip to XL Ampang, not bad at all, an addition to my corvette collection!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Also been looking for this since puasa.. and finally got it! What a lucky day today!

Star Wars: AT-RT

Finally I got it! been dreaming about it since the new version comes out, but the problem with the new version is I have to buy 2! but with this 1 i just buy 1, so it's cheaper and believe it or not it can walk! like what is written on the box, "Real Walking Action"

KFC's VW Beetle

1 more KFC's X-Meal to complete my VW Collection!

The New Beetle Convertible (only looking for the black convertible now..)

Out of the Box: Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter

Fight Mode

Nice Detailings!

Flight Mode
(and of course, credit to a very good friend of mine for getting this starfighter, keep up the spirit bro!)

Star Wars: Speeder Bike

nice bike! (again got it from a very good friend of mine, thanks a lot bro!)

Star Wars: Queen Amidala

and found this T-Shirt as well! Bought this before the release of SW: Episode 1 and wore it during the movie screening. I think the price was about AUD 29.00. I love Queen Amidala, she's so beautiful!

Tactical Espionage Action: Metal Gear Solid

My wife found an old bag in the store under the stairs and said there are a lot of old t-shirts in it and ask me to throw away all the t-shirts... So, before i throw them all away I did some filtering.. and guess what I found? my old MGS1 t-shirt! I got the t-shirt when i purchsed the MGS bundle pack for my PS1 (way back in the 90's when i was still studying) I remembered the bundled pack include: the game of course, a t-shirt, the soundtrack, special edition memory card, memory card stickers and the army necklace with MGS printed on it. Cool!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


RARE BREED! FANTASTIC! (thanks again to a very good friend of mine, may the toya force be with you!)




Monday, October 19, 2009


the box

in the bundle it includes the special edition Gran Turismo case

the special edittion GT wrist strap and of course the special edition GT PSP Black Titanium with smoked LR Buttons and Metallic Grey trimming (the normal PSP has a silver trimming and a clear LR buttons) and also engraved GT logo on the PSP

and the most awaited game on the PSP, the Gran Turismo! (i have waited for it for the long 5 years, the reason I bought my first PSP is to play GT that has been rumored to comes out along with the psp but then delayed... and I sold my 1st PSP to a friend just to grab this awesome special edition!.. 5 long years man..)
the beauty of this game is that it has a massive 830 real cars (includes the upcoming models, prototype etc... and of course Ferrari F1 car (i'm saving credits now to get 1 of that - 8,000,000 credits needed for that, meaning a lot of races to go through) and then all these cars i have been collecting can be downloaded to the gt5 for PS3 when it comes out on February 2010! imagine all those cars in HD, and of course being a "Real Driving Simulation" all those licensed car can be driven, and tuned just like the real cars, and feels like the real cars! every details are true to the real cars, even the sound coming out of the revving engines, and of course the Physiques! it doesn't stop there, the GT5 for PS3 itself has its own 2010 and upcoming cars to be collected as well to add to the cars u have already collected. Then u can play all the races and drive ur favourite cars at the comfort of ur house or bring it with u with the PSP (or via remote play) when u r out somewhere, so that u can keep developing ur career mode, collect more cars, improve ur racing time, get more credits and of course race online, even when u r not at home! That alone is enough for u to get a grab on this game and the upcoming GT5! And of course there will be more features on the GT5 PS3.