Friday, October 30, 2009

Star Wars: Episode IV Commemorative Tin Collection

Yup, this Modal Nodes Cantina Band had the lowest selling when it comes out with the new digititally remastered version of episode 4, hey, i wouldn't but it with the price tag it has... but as Jusco are clearing their stocks, the sent this item and a few other items to a second hand shop, and luckily i was there to pick it up with a very very reasonable price.. as a Star Wars fan, i couldn't leave it on the shelf! :)
Nice Tin Storage for the band.. very very Star Warsy the design on the Tin..

An Exclusive Edition...
and support from the offical SW Fan Club :)


  1. Cool bro! Was it still at RM50++? I also got this at Jusco some time ago...but my box was badly dented (apa pasal lah aku pilih yg dah teruk? kehkehkeh) I decided to take it its proudly displayed on my shelf...the tin looks superb when displayed!

    Did u get the other one? The EP 2 tin....that one is good too, it has 2 'unreleased before' Jedis......Oppo Rancis (snail-like) and Sora Bulq....I got that one that one at RM49 at Jusco too...really good value for money! :D

  2. i only manage to get this 1, as i have been told there is also another 1 with anakin and mace windu in it.. but that 1 sure are selling like hotcakes when it comes out :)

  3. Bro, can tell you are a Star Wars fan. Luckily I am not into 3.75inch SW figure series. If not, I have no money left for my lunch..Haha!!