Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 Checklist

with these poster/checklist, it's easier for me to plan which cars to buy for 2010! (thanks to Mr. Cowboy for the poster)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

T110-T117/2010: '10, '09 and '07 series (HW:90)

get this for my son... to avoid him from wanting my Kaneda's Bike.. haha!

another colour variation of the Viper...

this evil twin completed my Race World: Cave collection, all with beautiful tribal tampos!

cool! (thanks to Mr. Rafys)

Finally found the clear stockar from the Race World: Earth series. This 1 is air

and water... (2 more to complete)

Designer's Challenge Dodge XP-07

Ford GT LM (this 1 is to be unpacked!)

and 2007's Stockar! (thanks to Mr. Art for the Stockars and the Paradigm Shift)

T106-109/2010: The Ferraris (HW:82)

it's an old stocks sold at a cheaper price
it's the same models that i've already got but with a different paintjob!
and being ferraris.. I just couldn't resist it!

cool cars!

A Mystery Package

received a surprised package last saturday!
It's the mystery car I won from THE TOY MUSEUM's guess the Mystery Car Competition!

and man this Jaded is a beauty!

Thanks to Mr. Dan from THE TOY MUSEUM, the Mystery Car had a great trip halfway round the globe!
besides the Mystery Car, there are other cool stuffs from Idaho as well, very very cool, and I'm very very happy! (and it doubled my happiness coz it's also the day I got my Kaneda's Bike!)

T105/2010: 911 (MB:9)

found a variation of the Prosche 911 GT3 (Dark Green)
Black with red stripe which I found early this year...

Monday, March 29, 2010

T104/2010: Hunting a Treasure (HW:78)

Got this loose THUNT$ from Mr. Art. The rims are really cool!

The BIKE pt.2: NAKED

the boxes

beautiful boxart
the extra box for the first issue

extra panels ans stickers

the manual

naked mode: let the pics do the talking

look at the amounts of details on it
just purely awesome!
lights up!

the speedometer, the md player and the GPS

comparison with the bat-pod
to be continued in part 3: Normal Mode