Friday, March 19, 2010

T93-T98/2010: The Prancing Horses (HW:73)

The reasons why I have to grab this 1:43 360 spider are obvious..
1. I'm simply a big fan of ferrari cars! (though I can't afford to own the real 1... yet! :D)
2. they are work of art...
ain't it?
3. and for this size model, the engine is very detail..
and 4. 10% scraped off the original price it's even more worth it!
5. even the colour of the interior matches the real car! (any more reasons I need to buy it?... I don;t think so..)
along the way grab this rare 5 pack as well while it's still there on the rack and while it's still on sale! ;)


  1. not yet, but I'm planning to.. cause that 1 u can also see the engine details, it's hot!

  2. got to stop kyosho for a while... budget constrain haha! ;)