Tuesday, March 30, 2010

T110-T117/2010: '10, '09 and '07 series (HW:90)

get this for my son... to avoid him from wanting my Kaneda's Bike.. haha!

another colour variation of the Viper...

this evil twin completed my Race World: Cave collection, all with beautiful tribal tampos!

cool! (thanks to Mr. Rafys)

Finally found the clear stockar from the Race World: Earth series. This 1 is air

and water... (2 more to complete)

Designer's Challenge Dodge XP-07

Ford GT LM (this 1 is to be unpacked!)

and 2007's Stockar! (thanks to Mr. Art for the Stockars and the Paradigm Shift)


  1. cool stockars n viper...wowwww...finally u get this car...congrats bro..

  2. tq tq, lucky me I ran into Mr. Art this morning.. ;)

  3. stockars is hot dude


    been looking for ghostbuster car, still no luck. :(

  4. Ilham: thanks bro, yup ecto-1 is really hard to get. U'll only get them if u stumbled upon a restock somewhere...