Wednesday, March 24, 2010

T99-102/2010: More Mean Machines! (HW:77, MB:8)

Finally got the yellow Scirocco! (thanks a lot to a very good friend of mine. K-Own from for getting me this)
and a GT-R V Spec (also thanks a lot to another very good friend of mine Mr. Rafys, the daydreamer)
a blue Veyron (again thanks a lot to another good friend of mine, Mr. Lood, his blog is not yet in operation, haha)
and a beautiful Convertible Gold SL55 AMG, found it on the way home from meeting some friends!


  1. no problem bro.., toys are about sharing!.. yeahhh... cool AMG...

  2. Ilham: they are great friends! :)

  3. I like the matte weathered paint on the Bugatti. I sent your mystery car last week monday, I think it was? A little disappointed in my post office international shipping box, not being taped well. I hope it gets to your side of the globe well.

  4. I like the yellow racing car from Volk Wagon :P

  5. Dan: yup, it's cool! and thanks, yeah I hope the box will arrive at my home in good condition after travelling half the globe! :)

    desmond: yup, cool car that VW, just can't resist it!