Wednesday, March 10, 2010

is it really gonna be the Final Fantasy?

The most anticipated game of the century is finally here! All over my body has been experiencing a tingling sensation since this morning... Time feels too slowmoving today... it's crawling.. it's barely 9.30am here in Malaysia, and the game will be out at noon! My heart is pounding faster than ever.. adrenaline is rushing! (that's why time feels so slow..) can't wait to have my hands on it and of course.. seeing it on the screen, in a glorious full HD! Reviews have said it everywhere... "it could well be one of the best games you've ever played".. I'm eyeing on the special edition the shopkeeper been bragging about yesterday.. Till then.. see u guys in the Final Fantasy!


  1. used to get addicted to Final Fantasy. hohohoho

  2. I'm still addicted, played all FF games and saw all FF movies.. and this 1 is not to be missed! ;)