Saturday, March 27, 2010

T103/2010: The BIKE pt.1

I just can't contain myself today.. the BIKE arrived last thursday, been planning to get it on Friday but I've got other plan for the family.. So I woke up early this morning in the anticipation of the most anticipated toy this year.. the Kaneda's bike! I was there at XL-Shop Ampang 1/2 an hour earlier before it's open.. and when the shop opened, i'm there! (the opening of the box at the shop to check if the bike is A-ok!)
the top layer of the polystyrene box contained the bike's panels... (awesome! at this point of time I was just too overly excited)

and the bottom layer is the super cool bike! (at this point of time I felt like Im already in another world... it's like I'm in a dream but it's true.. and yes it's true! My dream has come true!I owned the Kaneda bike which I have been looking for so long... and getting this 1/6 scale version of the bike with all those features u guys have heard before.. it's unreal!).. to be continued..


  1. Gila ganaz haul ko. congrats!- timekeeper

  2. CUN dude, superb toy.
    jeles. hahahaha.



  3. They really thought this through, right to the packaging.
    For that price, it seems worth it.

  4. wow !!! u r really SPC...
    Congrat & bravo

  5. Bro, congrats on your score..Power!!

  6. beb..detail..we want more picture :D

  7. Thanks timekeeper, thanks all... for sure more pics are coming.. what can I say is that.. this bike is the coolest toy i've ever had!