Monday, March 8, 2010

You Can (Not) Advance

After almost a year waiting for the second movie, finally Evangelion 2.0 is screened at cineleisure Damansara started from 4th March 2010. This movie is not going to be long in the cinema, so I make sure this time around do not to wait for too long (well, how can I wait, I was overly excited last saturday to see it, and saw it yesterday.. last year I watched evangelion 1.0 on the the very last day of screening and the very last show. luckily I made it!) This remake of the 90's series is just awesome! Have I told everybody that I have the complete series + Birth and Rebirth in a VHS format? Oh yes, I have them in that format when VCR was the thing that very day.. And today I definitely gonna get all the movies in BLURAY! And yes, for anime lovers (and not anime lovers), this movie has got to be seen in the big screen! The re-telling of this already great story is just compelling, the re-animation with classic 2d cell + 3d animation is superb.. maintaining the classic characters in every aspects including the animations, the costums and "attitude" just remind me of the originals and they make them even better in the movie.... The "baka" (stupid) Shinji, the very self-confident Asuka Langley, the weird Rei Ayanami and all the others characters... Now I can't wait for the 3.0! (well another year down the road I think.. but I'm sure it's worth waiting for!) Behold fellow anime lovers, this EVA is another history of anime in the making (it already is) - just like the cult classic AKIRA and Ghost in the Shell! (can;t wait for my Kaneda bike + Kaneda to arrived!) I will have to give this movie a full mark, 5/5!
p.s: please wait till the end credits end.. and u'll up for more surprises! + the upcoming 3.0 teaser!