Sunday, January 31, 2010

T33-37/2010: Batmania! Pt 2

Been looking for this set as well since last Tuesday when I got the info from Mr Artt, but they were sold out at TRU KLCC and Great Eastern mall..
I was so frustrated untill I got an SMS from Mr. Artt telling me they just came in at SOGO! (thanks a zillion Mr. Artt!)
As soon as I got that info, told mr. Cowboy and Mr Lood about them and off I go to SOGO!
Lucky, we (me and cowboy) found 2 sets, but not so lucky for Mr. Lood as 1 1966 batmobile has already been sold..
But they are on their way to all TRU soon.. so Mr.Lood just have to keep looking and keep calling them! (we will too)
and of course, if I found 1 I'll definitely get it for my dear friend Mr. Lood :) So don't u worry ok?
Old, New and evreything in between!

T32/2010: Batmania! Pt.1

My regular visit to BTS last Friday was proven very fruitful.
This is what I found. A Limited Edition Hot Wheels Elite Edition 1989 Batmobile!
Been looking for it for ages, and stumbled upon this batmobile in a 1/18 scale was really a blessed.
Without any hesitation, I bought it!
And with the price it carries I think it will be selling like hot cakes!

Lucky for us, me and my friend Cowboy, we just came in at the right time.. The stock just came in..
The details on this batmobile is awesome, of course being the elite edition, that is just expected.. just look at how detailed that cockpit is! Awesome!
The details on the jet engine...
with the effects of burning hot metal...
a very detailed wheels as well...
with the bat logo...

And the best feature of them all... The Rectractable machineguns!

Old and New!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

T31/2010: Original Corvette Stingray 1963 (HW:23)

'63 Split Window, the original idea of the 2010 Corvette Stingray Concept a.k.a Sideswipe
Notice the similarity of the Split window at the back

Old and New

T29-30/2010: '57 Chevy, Convertible VW Concept (HW:22, MB:5)

It's a 2008's HW release with the same cast as the 2010 '57 chevy bel-Air.. very heavy and has an openable front bonnet!
and always a fan of VW cars...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Star Wars/Die-cast crossover!

Tie Fighter pilot with his 2009 Nissan GT-R
Antilles (X-Wing Red Leader pilot) with his SUBARU
and last but not least, Han Solo and his EVO VII!

Cutting down Budget on Toys, to pay for a very Big Toy!

The Honda CRZ!

It's coming out in it's homeland this February and second half of the year in Malaysia!

T28/2010: DD (green) (HW:21)

Already have the Yellow DD, and yesterday stumbled upon this one... :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

T19-27/2010: HW 2010 New Wave (HW:20)

The new Dark Metallic green '67 Shelby GT-500
the new 2010 release..
metallic Green Corvette ZR1...
2010 release..
2010 Camaro with a new paint
2010 release...
finally got the Rocket Box with a fine card...
and another 2010 release...

The new Red Carded "Race World" with some extra info at the back is a very nice touch by Mattel... In short, the new 2010 release really has some range of very very cool cars!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Toys!

at home...
at the office...
at the office...
at the office!