Sunday, January 31, 2010

T32/2010: Batmania! Pt.1

My regular visit to BTS last Friday was proven very fruitful.
This is what I found. A Limited Edition Hot Wheels Elite Edition 1989 Batmobile!
Been looking for it for ages, and stumbled upon this batmobile in a 1/18 scale was really a blessed.
Without any hesitation, I bought it!
And with the price it carries I think it will be selling like hot cakes!

Lucky for us, me and my friend Cowboy, we just came in at the right time.. The stock just came in..
The details on this batmobile is awesome, of course being the elite edition, that is just expected.. just look at how detailed that cockpit is! Awesome!
The details on the jet engine...
with the effects of burning hot metal...
a very detailed wheels as well...
with the bat logo...

And the best feature of them all... The Rectractable machineguns!

Old and New!


  1. congrat bro !! our batmobile got chemistry...heheheeheh

  2. classic! I thought the color should be darker like black. I don't really remember the golden plated stuff...I thought it was silver.

  3. Agree with the color movie accurate? I saw this at OG (Orchard) Singapore, its pretty expensive...$199

  4. I have to agree it's not exactly movie accurate colour... but still the design itself is just too good to pass for me... and to found this baby again in the future and with that price... we might never know when..

  5. I have the regular version, which is movie accurate in color but has much less detail.

  6. i also hv the original colour...but already pre-order this one oso