Tuesday, January 12, 2010

T10-11/2010: Here Comes The SPEED MACHINES! (HW:6)

the Acura NSX has one of the best mold among all the speed machines, as well as a very nice paint job... so I grab them..
No different with the basic car, except the paint job and the rims... but still it's a very nice car.. Overall i think the price tag of the speed machines are on the high side.. maybe bcoz of the bigger card? Different rims??? the extra info at the back?? I dont know, i'll get them all when they goes on sale! at the moment i'm happy with the 2 i've got!


  1. Glad that you always get what you want :)

  2. just wonder how many car u collectoed so far?

  3. Desmond: thanks, but I dont always get what I want... (Where's my HT batmobile???) :)
    Ilham: I have to say not as many as some people.. ;)