Tuesday, January 19, 2010

T18/2010: KFC is at it again!! (HW:11)

Who said you can't eat and haul at the same time! That's what I did yesterday.. Now at KFC (Malaysia) u can get a launcher and a Hot Wheels when u buy ur lunch! being a Hot Wheels, I just couldn't resist it! there are 4 designs to collect, which means another 3 lunches to go..
The packaging.

The Launcher.

The Car.


  1. Cool! And as a bonus, you can grease the axles with your fingers after you eat the chicken for more speed! ;)

  2. comel...
    used to collect Happy Meal (and still sometime) hohoho

  3. Besides those small scale cars, do you collect remote control racing cars?

  4. desmond: nope, i don't collect RC cars :)