Wednesday, January 20, 2010

T19-27/2010: HW 2010 New Wave (HW:20)

The new Dark Metallic green '67 Shelby GT-500
the new 2010 release..
metallic Green Corvette ZR1...
2010 release..
2010 Camaro with a new paint
2010 release...
finally got the Rocket Box with a fine card...
and another 2010 release...

The new Red Carded "Race World" with some extra info at the back is a very nice touch by Mattel... In short, the new 2010 release really has some range of very very cool cars!!


  1. I also have that Shelby - it's a nice one.

  2. Wow!! new one again..never ending toy line :)

  3. Bubbashelby: Yup, very very nice indeed.
    DesMond: been searching for quite a while this new wave of HWs :)
    pydrumer: Thanks!

  4. Dangnagit! Where did you get those!! Been TRU Subang and all they have is S***! Except for the new Speed Machines.