Tuesday, January 5, 2010

T3/2010: HT's Astro Boy

A very very nice packaging

and of course a very very very nice product inside..

and I put it on a rotating plate..

A very nice classic 60's Astro Boy logo on top!


  1. very CUN ar!!!
    Can't wait to pick my 1/6 Astro Boy.

  2. wow!! bile letak atas rotating plate tu mmg cun bro. bila pusing2 boleh nampak the other side. cunnnn....

  3. Very. very nice.
    Jgn lupa letak "Do not touch!" sign.
    Lambat laun it would be pricelessss.

  4. thanks all :) mmg lawa and berbaloi.
    Razman: yup, love the details at the backside of Astro Boy!

  5. Nice haul bro! Packaging is different yet very unique for a HT...it's nice to see them giving us boxes that are unique to the characters.

    That Astro Boy looks calm....will look good on any collector's shelves!

  6. Saruman, this one looks nice. BTW, did you buy the other one?