Wednesday, January 13, 2010

T12/2010: The Price has just gone up!!! (HW:7)

believe it or not, the price of Hot Wheels has gone up 40 cents in Malaysia!, check out the price tag on that DMC. (I don't know about any other country). The only place with the old MYR 6.50 price tag is in Petronas, but I don't know for how long that will remain... (sigh!)


  1. Hope for toys to be cheaper, but somehow it becomes more expensive and more pricey these days.

    heck, i still buy toys.

    K O P A K!!!

  2. bad for us... (but look at the bright side.. eheheh)

  3. You are lucky to find this back to the future car. I don't even see this at SG! I am looking out for this tho.

  4. LEON: i can post it to you if u want, email me ur address :)