Thursday, September 30, 2010

Proud to be Malaysian!

And a proud owner of my National car
The Proton SAGA Iswara SE (2003)
Parked at the front of my house
in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur.
Love the design and design line of the car since it's first came out looooong time ago! ;)


  1. Pergh!
    Scale 1:1 & rubber tyres lg tu..!!
    T-Hunt (Takde-Hunt) ka?

  2. not just 1:1 scale, batteries included!

  3. Hi Saruman,

    I used to have Proton Iswara 1.3 Aeroback in metalic green.
    Easy to maintain , durable , cheap spare parts , simple engine , simple suspension , simple line.
    But only things is not ideal is to travell outstation or long distance because the car itself is not meant to be utilize such a way.
    Within 100KM radius is ok.
    This Iswara model SE is auto gear.Right?If manual try to convert the exhaust pipe to 4 2 1 layout in order to maximize the flow.
    Sport rim changes to 15" tyre size should be 195/50 R15.
    Suspension use kayaba oil in front & gas at the rear.Use platinium spark plug set c/w better connection cable.
    A lot of thins need to done in order to get the peak performance.

    Sorry for commenting too long or not related but i just can't stop whenever i talk about cars.



  4. haha what coincidence..i also blog about my car

  5. T-hunt regular xde ke? hohoooo

  6. marc: :D

    Kin: Thanks a lot man, I'll try to do as your advice! Yup, it's manual. Again, thanks!

    Shaz: Yup, what a coincidence! :D

  7. wow...very rare now ! especially BD version.