Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hail Lord Vader!

I was so excited when I saw the ads in Toy Workers' blog
and even more excited with the price it carries!
James, I have to say it again, u have best toy shop in town!
the packaging
and what's inside
the evil look of the droid.. I like em!

and even cooler coz u can control it and fire the cannons with the remote! Just imagine what it can do with the two huge wheels, I was stuck into very late morning playing it!
Power On!


  1. fulamak, CUN siot tayar die
    congrat ;-)P

  2. mmg cun, dan boleh remote! that's the best thing eheheheh ;)

  3. wowww!! hav a remote..how much geng? congrats ;)

  4. Hi Saruman,

    I always fascinated by Animation Block buster such as this "Star Wars".
    I dreams , attracted , amazed , inspired by the beautiful creation of all the figure , space travell , aliens , space ship , weapon & etc since primary school untill now.
    But it just that i cannot collect them all.That why i only collect cars.
    We surely cannot have everythings in our life.Ah....That why we have this blog to share with others which they don't have.That is the beauty & the magic of this place.
    I'm glad that you carry this range so i trace back what i miss out.

    Thank you so much.


  5. Saruman, is this a machine in the anime Clone War?? I never see this before..The design is very creative :)

  6. great toys and great website you have here sir!

    hoping to see more soon, thanks! :-)

  7. Kin: Me too, have been fascinated by Star Wars since I was small. And yes, for sure we can't have everything in life, but what u said is very true, I couldn't agree more :) Thanks Kin.

    desMond: yes, from the animation, The Clone Wars. very very creative and that's why I was jumping for joy when this vehicle finally released in the market!

    JD: Thanks :)