Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Red Carpet

My 1:6 HT batmobile and bat-pod are now safe in a glass casings
No more dust collecting,... except the glass will do that job! :)
Thanks again to Mr. Cowboy for the measurements heads up!


  1. Mr Cowboy always come 2 rescue...!!!
    but the red carpet is not my suggestion..hahahah

  2. not mine either... i specifically asked him not to put any carpet.. but then it's there.. well, what the heck, let it be there for a while :)

  3. Mr Dark Knight is off to his premier.

    Would be cool if you show Batman wearing a bow tie.

  4. Yeah, the biggest star of the movie! ;)

  5. Hi Saruman,

    Great Batmobile & Bat bike.I also got batmobile in 1:18 scale.
    The picture that you show in fact is 1:5 scale , very big & very detail & got lights also but very expensive.
    I do find that both weapon are uncompareble which means nothing come close.
    In fact this version of batmobile is actually based on Lamborghini concept.

    Thanks for sharing.