Monday, November 29, 2010

My Garage

More pics of my GT5 cars! (my Nissan Sileighty)

went karting again...
intense action with my '67 Sylvia! (look how much the design has changed over time!)
too close for comfort!
my Nissan Sileighty! (again)
this car needs no Introduction!

Riding my Nissan Sylvia gain!
and my first GT5 car, the Nissan Skyline! (and this is why I missed the beginning of 7E promotions!)


  1. Hi Saruman ,

    It is PS2 ? Nowadays the video game 3D is very realistic.

    But i'm not good in games due to lack of practice & talent.

    Is great.


  2. @ Kin: It's PS3! And GT5 is the best Racing game ever made coz of it's realism. Handling, sound of the car and everything about those cars are all true to the real cars! And that's why it took half a decade to be developed! Thanks for the comment Kin. :)

  3. nissan presage atau nissan sentra ada tak dlm tu?

  4. of cozz! All the cool cars are there!

  5. adaaaaaaaaaaa! (handling by LOTUS!)

  6. waaa...... screen shot Iswara (Handling Lotus) satuuu........!!!!