Friday, November 26, 2010

5 is now no. 1!

The half decade wait is finally over! It's here....

The GT5 has finally arrived! (no more delays folks!)

installing the new software that comes with it...

And voila! ready to choose some backgrounds to for the profile...
and finally some actions! these are taken from the in-game photoshoot mode, simply awesome!
that's me on the kart!

me going karting again...
some licence test...

and finally bought the new CRZ.... Virtually that is!


  1. wow!!.. suma TH$ cars..x yah collect lgi that $uper :P

  2. of cozz.. save money for the nxt Gt6! And the real CRZ!:D

  3. How come you look taller in the go kart....?!

  4. and i'm so very tall, u know me right? ;)