Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking-My-Daughter-to-School Haul pt.3

On the Way home to pick up my daughter to school, after some time I didn't go to Tesco Selayang, yesterday I decided to stop by and see whether they have restocked some Hot Wheels.. To my surprise they did restocked but all the nices ones are gone! And they are having sales on all die-cast items too! HW is selling at MYR5.02 each and the TESCO's Fuel Line (by Realtoy) is selling at MYR3.57 a piece!

Although all the new nice HWs are all gone, found some old ones that are nice too! and some TESCO's fuel line which are really really nice and details!
And today, stop by again and grab a few more! (individual pics of all the cars will be posted later)