Friday, May 7, 2010

Spanish GP Fever!

in the heat of the upcoming Spanish GP this weekend, been wanting to get some F1 cars to be collected... and being a fan of Ferrari team, this 2008 Ferrari driven by Raikonen is really really awesome!
and so is this 1 driven by Massa, the details on this tiny beauty are superb, just look at those bridgestone printed tyres! (thanks to a friend of mine, Firul for getting these 2 F1 cars)

and being in the racing spirit, this Track Star (trak-tune) with the clear body looks really hot!
so is this Panoz (thanks to Mr. Cowboy for bringing me to where I found these 2 cars),
Nissan 370Z (thanks to a friend of mine,Firul) and
my second SM Scirocco (thanks once again to Mr. Cowboy) of course to be unpacked! (T177-182 HW:145)