Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bioboosted Armor

GUYVER. The package
Bioboosted Armor: Guyver is 1 of my favourite anime and movie, the great fight scenes in the movie is still clear in my mind, and that's why I couldn't miss this toy for the world!
the box

and the vinyl figure

being a vynil it's quite cheap
and of course not posable, but I don't mind coz it's already in a great pose!
the main thing is it's GUYVER...

and it's a classic I must have! :) (T215/2010)


  1. Look good bro! I remember the US movie kinda B graded in the early 90s have Luke Skywalker but he is not GUYVER but a side police man who I remember got killed. The only thing missing for this figure is the opening of chest. Nice buy!

  2. yes Leon, that was the movie i'm talking about :)

  3. Really love to get 'im.
    Only that its not poseable.....