Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Bigger One

Went to Alamanda Putrajaya to watch PoP yesterday
after the movie, stop by Toycity and found this 1:50 scale Scion XB!
it's sold for a very cheap price becoz of the damaged box.. well I don't want the box.. I want what's inside!
It's made by an unknown company to me named "good faith", but I already have good faith to this company for the beautiful produce,,batteries operated with sounds and lights, and pullback action!
already have the MBX and HW version of this car..
I just need to have this bigger scale version!

and off you go with all your friends! (T223/2010)


  1. i think the extra box inside's already nice. nice car for reasonable price. congrat.

  2. Cunnn....wait till u see my 1:1 scale !!

  3. wowww... superb u hav 3 scion.. i want scion2 :D