Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Dream of a Machine, a Dream Machine

found it at a very reasonable price
took it without hesitation
and it's a beautiful piece of machine!
let the pics do the talking!

the tail lights details are awesome
so is the front light
and of course the interior
and the engine

and some other 1:57 scale maisto's lambos my friend got for me
the mucielago

and the original Countach LP50
this 1 is hardto find!

all in the family (gonna unpacked the matt black gallardo tonight!) T206/2010


  1. daym!!! reventon... i liiiikkeeee.... that's gonna be on my wish list 2gether with all lambo available.....

  2. yup, it's very very detail this 1 :)

  3. wowww..awesome car..the interior very detail... berbaloi2...