Monday, August 23, 2010

War of Cybertron

Saw this version on Razman's blog, and then Dan's blog and I know I need to have it.
the best looking OP I've ever seen! (in my opinion)
based on the not so long ago released PS3 game, The War of Cybertron (I didn't play the game coz I never like movie based and animation based video games coz they never any good)
this OP is very articulated in it's Robot mode

and a very cool armored truck in it's vehicle mode
the cool design and the complex transformation make it even cooler!
A must have for any TF fans!



  1. Gooood. Now for B'bee, yes?

    The game has a new gamplay & totally different than the Bayformers game.
    I might check it out after getting/playing GOWIII & Ace Combat : Assault Horizon (wohoo!!).

  2. Bumblebee.... still have a lot in the market, wait till the price gone down to MYR 39.90 ahahaha..;)

  3. buy it now! it's become quite rare!

  4. uikss..... jenuh nak scroll down, byk giler gambar..... huhuhuh

    sibbaik aku tak minat robot2 nih..... huhuhhu

  5. aku dulu pun tak minat gak.... eheheheh ;)