Monday, August 9, 2010

Batmania pt.16: The MAIZE

been seeing the advertisement for the past few months in some hobbies magazine..
another advertisement in this month's issue of Hobi Max, very interesting but I couldn't care less..
I really want it but the ads says it's only for Japan market, so I just ignore it..
I know I could find it here in KL but I just don't care, I know it's gonna be very expensive even if I could found it
until..... I saw it live at AMCORP yesterday..
and with a reasonable price tag for something only sold in Japan
I bought it without any regret!
Voila! A very detail model of the tumbler in 1:43!
like Mr. Cowboy said, very similat to HT, only in smaller scale!
love every bit of it, specially the workable suspension, lights and steering! (and the 1:43 Batman figure)

"I don't wear hockey pads!"


  1. wow! nice haul ..luckily i didn't go to Japan to get it..hahahahaha

  2. u don't need to bro... minus the ticket price to Japan, it's bloody cheap! haha!

  3. Another finest to your collection.

  4. not just glow, it moves in the dark!!!!

  5. Hi Saruman,
    where do you buy this & how much ?I have to ask you again it is 1:43 scale ?
    Pretty fantatic got light also.Wow!!!

    Amazing collection.I must have one.