Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Import Racer!

The Scion xB from Jada Toys.
a very popular k-car for the youngsters in Japan, it has never made into Malaysian shores officially
I have been in love with this car since my first encounter with it
a very simple but beautiful design
very easy on the eyes of anybody
hence, every time I meet this car's model, I'll buy it for sure.
This heavily modified scion adds another variation to my scion collection.
The only downside for Jada Toys at this scale is the front lights and the back lights.
Coz they are painted rather than using a clear plastic materials.
But for MYR 10.00 I think I shouldn't complaint much.
but Jada Toys if u r listening to me, please use clear plastics for the lights... TQ.
Enjoy the pics!



  1. Love the car, hate the wheels.

  2. thank ilham, have u picked up ur bw?

  3. shoot! Yg ni aku jeles nih.... Kat mana beli? Ada lg tak? Nissan /datsun ada?

  4. Crefigz, Subang Jaya, suma jenis kereta pun ada...

  5. gi TRU mdvalley..custom shop nissan GTR high patrol

  6. errr..... mahal tak? Nak dekat raya ni budget kena kontrol skit.....