Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taking-My-Daughter-to-School's haul!

drop by Jaya Jusco otw back to office and they have re-stocked! (and already been hit by hurricane!) but still there are a few left.. like this yellow Ferrari Challenge
the Bad Bagger
this hot rod
this buggy
HW gas company truck
and another explosive material.. the C4! (T142-147/2010, HW:117)


  1. hotwheels always hot item..finally u got the yellow!!!!

  2. Asrul: there's always time, it's just how we manage it... unlike money, without it what is there to manage! ;)

    Kown: yup.. with a little bit of sweat! (now the only 2 left are 370Z and the K&N Dodge!)