Monday, April 19, 2010

Kamen Rider

I was a big fan of Kamen Rider when I was small.. remembered watching the movie on TV.. It was so great!
But then when there are too many Kamen Rider, I just got lost!
But recently, I went to a shop at Berjaya Times Square, it's having a move out sale!
for a very cheap price and a unique Kamen Rider bike, I bought it without any hesitation
and I have to say, this bike is very very very cool!
see it for yourself!
and yes as you guys know, I love cars and bikes!
and any cool machines! (T151/2010)


  1. Henshin!!

    ....from TF, perhaps?

  2. Medicom has recently release this kamen rider. Have you preorder it?

  3. wowww...rider action cool!!!

  4. Desmond: really!!!!! no I didn't! I didn,'y know!