Thursday, April 15, 2010

Over Haulin'

2 days at putrajaya on a work trip... and again found some cool cars! (another furai, to be unpacked!)
this item is gonna be valuable, a bone shaker with error! (guess what it is, look closely!)

yellow 2010 Ford Mustang (already got red)
been looking for it for a while and finally found it! along with...
bought this just to complete a "buy 3 free 1" promotion..

a Canyon Carver for free!

These items are from K-On, the OCC
this very very cool ambulance with a see through cabin,
and a yellow grand sport to add on to the blue, red, black and silver Grand Sport! Thanks once again to kown for the last 3 items :) (T132-141/2010, HW:111)


  1. Your Rapid Response decal looks better than the ones I got.


  2. What's wrong with the Bone Shaker, looks like mine. Missing a roof?

  3. There is a Boneshaker with a roof recently available as part of a monster truck 2 pack. Otherwise it has always been missing a roof as a Hotwheels single.

  4. i see... yup u r right.. I've seen the others have no roof too :)