Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Can (Not) Advance

I'm a hard fan of EVA since it's first came out in OVA.
and since the movie version toys were out, I 've been holding my horses
even before I watched the second movie, I've fallen in love with this provisional Eva unit-05
this EVA comes with a new character introduced in this movie, Marikami, the pilot.
EVA 2.0 is fully re-written, and fully revamped, and the outcome is the best anime I've ever seen to date!
and this new provisional unit is really awesome too!
it looks different from all the other EVAs for a purpose.. (u have to see the movie to know why)
and it looks fiercely awesome!
at 30% off in Shioktoys, eva fans and not, go and grab them now!
now I'm looking for EVA 0-0 the awakening version.