Thursday, July 22, 2010

1979 Alien

I love all the Aliens movies
and have been wanting this one since its first came out months ago..
but I've been hold up financially
but yesterday was my lucky day
call the shop beforehand and the shopkeeper said it's sold out
went there anyway to PO my Mark VI
and to my surprise there was the last piece.. waiting for me to pick it up! Awesome figure this one! a must have for lovers of the movie... or whoever that loves detailings!
Revoltech 001 and 008 (T330/2010)


  1. very lucky day..yesterday is your day..congrats bro.. PO mark 6? wowwww :D

  2. Particularly like the translucent head & his tongue-thingy.

    Urm, Hot Toy version..? Hihihihi...

  3. new movie: Alien vs Batman? :P
    nice buy there!

  4. LEon: becoz the first alien movie directed by James cameron is in 1979...

    Shaz: yeah!

  5. You'll love this one;

  6. This is a great one..I saw the actual figure before :)