Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Die Cast Display

I wanted to display my Jada and Hotworks at home.. so I change the arrangement of my display cabinet.. I took out my SW and put it on top of the cabinet and put my die cast in... but i have a problem with space....
Initially I wanted to buy an aquarium costing RM 15, cover the GT-R with the aquarium and put my hotworks on top of the aquarium... but that will take a lot of useful space...

So I try to think of other alternatinative solutions and had a brilliant idea! I went to a glass shop and ask the person there to cut up 2 pieces of glasses (which had measured earlier to fit my glass cabinet).

Luckily the Jada Die-Cast already has a sort of structure when u open the box, therefore I just put the glass piece on top of that structure. And voila! I can put another 3 hotworks on top of that, solve the space problem and get a cheaper solution and a beautiful result!! (u can even see the exhaust pipe of my hotworks' skyline from beneath the glass! what a beauty!- top picture)
and my Jada '09 Nissan GT-R finally has a very nice and proper space to be displayed! (and I have 1 extra piece of glass for future use - cost of the 2 cut-up glasses, guess how much? RM 15! so for the same amount of money I can create more space to display my die-cast!)


  1. tak, cabinet kedai perabot biasa... :)

  2. Bro, I want your black Nissan GTR..Drool!!

  3. :) i must say it is really really awesome.. the levels of details are really amazing.. that's why when i found that baby i just grab them without even thinking the after impact! (specially to my pocket eheheh...