Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HW 1:18 Ferrari Testarossa Limited Edition (Elite)

This Ferrari has always been my favourite since I was small... the fins on the doors, carried through to the grilled taillights (which gives an effect that that theres no taillights but only a long black fins at the back) and functional as well to blows air to cool the engine...
the engine details on this model are really that details as shown by the pic on the box (so detail I just can't take my eyes of it), openable front compartment placed a spare tire, and the cockpit is as real as the real life car!

a limited edition..

although the box is a little damaged, the content is as good as new! (that's what count!) And with the pricetag it offers, u just couldn't ask for more! (well, what u get really worth more than what u pay..)