Thursday, September 10, 2009

my latest haul!!!!

Red Leader X-Wing.. includes antilles and droid, superb!!
look at that.. nice..

and of course penambahan my TF HA collection, HA Skids, free arcee (to scale)... bloody cool!

and the best of them childhood hero... Robocop (murphy).. stays with his son to watch T.J Laser on TV.. part man, part machine, all cop! not as clean as HT's but it's a BD version, so it's supposed not to be clean, but dirty and damaged! and look at that eye... (5 thumbs up!)


  1. cool...nice haul & nice office,,hahahaha

  2. Takkan MISB lg kot........

    Satu je aku perasan tntng X-Wing tu. Kotak dia tnjk Clone Troopers & bukannye Storm Troopers.

    Er, tumbler mana?

  3. Great score for battle damaged Robocop and Human Alliance Skids. I have not bought my HA Skids as currently tie up with Hot Toys stuff..

  4. Nice haul dude!!! That X-Wing is a must for all Star Wars junkies! I'm still wonderin' whether to get that HA Skids or otherwise......

    That Mikaela figure will go perfectly with Sam Witwicky's figure we got from HA 'Bee!! :)

  5. u have to get all the HA Desmond.. i'm also tied up with with HT, but HA series with that details and that price.. it's a must!! get 1 now b4 it's all gone... (if not u will regret it as i have with other toys b4)

  6. yup, the X-Wing is a must.. and Rafys, it's still MISB (quite busy with something to do with work)

  7. Tumbler still in kastam bro... eheheh