Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Team Yamaha 2009, the detailings are really nice, even the smallest sticker is there, true to the real motorbike..
Team Yamaha 2006, the first time rossi turns to Yamaha after leaving Honda (too easy to win with Honda, he has to get more challenges), this yellow bike (and the Doctor) has brought luck to Yamaha..

Found these 2 bikes at the Store Teluk Intan, and as a fan of MOTOGP (Rossi) it's really hard to resist, and compared to KL, the price tag is really reasonable..)

also found the 2008's bike, but as there's not much different from the 2009's bike.. i pass (reluctantly), and becoz of moneywise factor as well ;)

the 2009's and 2008's... Love em!

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