Thursday, August 20, 2009


Piloted by Rei Ayanami, this eva is Super Cool! ( with a cool bargain price!) believe it or not i have the full episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion in videotapes (whoever remembers or know that format, i used to watch pirated movies on those tapes when i was small.. indonesion horror movies - i still remember MISTIK, the most horrifying indoseian movie i've seen.. and it still is and of course US action movies... I remembered watching Robocop in my friend's house, Reduan is his name, when i was small.. and VCR [that thing plays the videotapes] at that time only belongs in houses of people with MONEY! a luxury item.. and all those movies, believe it or not, we rented it in a barber shop! they have a small room in the barber shop to rent movies on videotapes.. how cool is that! the qualities of the movies is of course very bad, but at that time i thought it's already very good.. well i was small, who cares about the quality of the picture.. we don't compare, that's all we can get our hands on anyway..) And, back to my EVA, i have EVANGELION death and Rebirth on DVD, and looking forward for EVANGELION 1.0 and 2.0 on blue ray! (of course!)

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